The piano

It was not until 1978 that a group of experts comprising physicists, wood technologists, and designers planned, quote Fazioli-works in Sacile, Friaul: “to construct a grand piano with an alternative sound profile from any other existing instrument”. This was to become the ancestor of the Fazioli F-278, played on frequently by Markus Schirmer.

The instrument, presented 1981 at the “Music Convention” in Frankfurt, aroused interest by its sound that was dark, clear, voluminous and of long duration. Partly made of wood from the red spruce of the Vale di Fiemme – Stradivari preferred this material for his violins – it is comparable to a Hammerfluegel, Josef Haydn’s favorite instrument, for its wide dynamic range. “A piano-pianoforte instrument at last. Just like the sensitive predecessors of our so-called pianofortes used during the “Sturm und Drang” era, Eleonore Buening wrote in „Die Zeit“, Germany”, giving way to her enthusiasm.

At home Markus Schirmer plays a Fazioli-grand piano F-228 from Klavierhaus Streif Graz/Austria.