The Piano Quartets

g minor K 478 & E flat major K 493
together with Streichtrio Berlin (Gaede Trio)

Tacet 2002, T 116

Also available as DVD-Audio in multichannel surround sound (D 116)

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Rondeau from the Piano Quartet in g minor Kv. 478 (with the Gaede-Trio)

Schirmer‘s sensitive and precise playing brings out the moments of heightened harmonic-melodic tension with a great love of detail and high musical intelligence. His parlando is noble, a courteous invitation to listen more closely.
Klassik heute (Germany)

From beginning to end a jewel: a rare and exquisite Mozart interpretation that has something new to say.
Classica Répertoire (France)

String trio like Gaede Trio meets pianist like Markus Schirmer. Together they have come up with a recording of the Mozart piano quartets that sets a new standard. One feels one is hearing an ensemble and a soloist meeting on a common wavelength. With highly cultivated playing they delve deep into the works, making the very most of the contrast between the small forces and the grand virtuoso gesture.
Fono Forum (Germany)

The way the young Austrian pianist Markus Schirmer rolls out phrases as if they were pearls, the way he illuminates the music with a luminous inner elegance, and the way he occasionally adorns the music with ornaments of exceptional originality and delight, leaves no doubt that here is a major talent.
Audiophile audition (USA)

Perfectly homogeneous Mozart  – is all one needs to say.
Radio WDR (Germany)

Chamber music at its most profoundly satisfying: highly sensitive and exciting, full of sensuous sounds and also as fresh and clear as strings of pearls.
Tiroler Tageszeitung (Austria)

It bubbles and glitters, and it has temperament and verve. At its most eloquent in the slow movements, which sound the depths in searching musical dialogues.
Neue Vorarlberger Tageszeitung (Austria)

Eager to take risks, full of variety, and in tune with the works’ audacious spirit.
Salzburger Nachrichten (Austria)

Schirmer phrases with incredible clarity. Together with the Gaede Trio he invests the Larghetto with a profound warmth and in the Allegretto captures the childlike lightness of touch that once sent Einstein into raptures.
Vorarlberger Nachrichten (Austria)